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Ningxia Rural Science and Technteam rubber braceletsology Museum helps rural children learn science teamrubberbracelets

Ningxia Rural Science and Technteam rubber braceletsology Museum helps rural children learn science

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    Children see a mock spaceship at the Ningxia Rural Science and Technology Museum in Northwest China. [Photo provided to]

    Scientific and technological facilities, such as nuclear submarines, aircraft carrier models, simulated spaceships, marine animal specimens, and 3D TVs are rare in rural areas but were on display recently at the Rural Revitalization Science Museum of Longwangba Village. Xiji County, in Northwest China"s Ningxia Hui autonomous region, also known as the “Nation"s Most Beautiful Village”. 

    Several elementary school students from Xiji County at the museum were excited to sit on the simulated spaceship. They squealed and laughed during this wonderful experience. Xiji County relies on the characteristic industrial base of Longwangba Village to give play to the advantages of the ecological and geographical environment and to strengthen integrative development in agriculture, culture, popular science and tourism to create a popular science town to help revitalization and development.

    Zhang Yong, who is chairman of the Xiji County Science and Technology Association, said that the Ningxia Science and Technology Association has worked closely with them to help the villagers rise up from poverty and become rich by vigorously developing rural popular science tourism.

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