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New regulation opens more carmbands for salehannels to buy cars armbandsforsale

New regulation opens more carmbands for salehannels to buy cars

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    BEIJING - A regulation on trading motor vehicles will take effect on July 1, allowing customers to buy cars through more providers.

    Dealers can sell and provide after-sales services for cars of various brands, according to the new regulation that was released by the Ministry of Commerce in April.

    Auto experts say 4S dealers will not be the only place for customers to buy cars, as car markets and car e-commerce will be booming in the future.

    A regulation on new energy vehicles will also come into force in July, which requires new energy vehicle manufacturers to supervise the safety of all products, provide supporting documents for each product, and record the vehicles" use and maintenance and battery recycling.

    Meanwhile, several other regulations and a law will take effect.

    A law on traditional Chinese medicine requires legislators to stipulate regulations and standards for the planting, collection, storage and preliminary processing of herbs.

    Disabled people were included in the basic medical insurance system.

    Four VAT brackets will be streamlined into three, with tax rates of 17 percent, 11 percent and 6 percent targeting different products.

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